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Theatre Baton Rouge Staff


Managing Artistic Director


Technical Director/Scenic Designer

Costume Shop Manager

Artistic Associate/Director of Education

Assistant Director of Education/Social Media

Office Administrator

Marketing and Development Coordinator


Custodial Services

Box Office Assistants



Shop Foreman


Jenny Ballard


Kenneth Mayfield

Crystal Brown

Jack Lampert

Haley Schroeck

Carole Moore

Caty Steward

Sydney Lejeune

Nancy Jones

Sheila Anderson, Brenda Sample

Mallory Mullins, Grace Gilpin,  Jie dela Paz, Claudia Suire,

Sawyer Clifton, Greg Tiner, Mitchel Boyle

Mallory Mullins



Lance Parker - Board President


Terry Bowman  |  Nikki Boyle  |  Kristy Coast  |  Aron Coates  |  Melissa Clough  |  Susannah Craig  |  Mark Fry  |  Jennifer Feduccia

 Lynn Coxe Graham  |  Alan Harrell  |  Kurt Hauschild  |  Brandy Johnson  |  Michael Katchmer  |  Kerry Kilpatrick

Mathew Laborde  |  Amy Lambert  |  Carmen Lavergne  |  Barrye Miyagi  |  Julia George Moore  |  Albert Nolan

Lis Patrick  |  Lauren Regner  |  Richard Roberts  |  Bill Spann  |  Stephen Toups  |  Alan Tuttle

Mercedes Wilson  |  Laurie Cothern Wilson  |  Rhonda Zielenski


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