Music by Alan Menken

Lyrics by Jack Feldman

Book by Harvey Fierstein

Based on the Disney film written by Bob Tzudiker and Noni White


Directed by Jenny Ballard

Assistant Director: Brandon Guillory

Music Director: Jamie Leonard

Choreographer:  Dylon Hoffpauir

Tap Choreographer:  Natalie Baily Smith

Stage Manager:  Caty Steward


Rehearsals run April 7 – June 13, 2019
Performances run June 14 – 30, 2019
Saturday, February 2, 2019, 10 am – 4 pm
Sunday, February 3, 2019, 5 – 9 pm
Monday, February 4, 2019, 6 – 10 pm


AUDITIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! To sign up for auditions by calling the Box Office at (225) 924-6496.


Auditions will consist of 16-32 bars of a prepared song in the style of Disney’s NEWSIES.  Please make sure to have your sheet music bound in a binder or book.  No a cappella auditions.


Callbacks will consist of music and cold readings from Disney’s NEWSIES.


Scripts are available for checkout at the Box Office ($20 cash refundable deposit).




It's time to carry the banner on your stage with Disney's Newsies! Set in turn-of-the century New York City, Newsies is the rousing tale of Jack Kelly, a charismatic newsboy and leader of a band of teenaged "newsies." When titans of publishing raise distribution prices at the newsboys’ expense, Jack rallies newsies from across the city to strike against the unfair conditions and fight for what's right!

Based on the 1992 motion picture and inspired by a true story, Newsies features a Tony Award-winning score by Alan Menken (Little Shop of Horrors, Sister Act) and Jack Feldman and a book by Tony Award winner Harvey Fierstein (Kinky Boots). Featuring the now classic songs “Carrying the Banner,” “Seize the Day,” and “Santa Fe,” Newsies is packed with non-stop thrills and a timeless message, perfect for the whole family and every audience.




**Please note that TBR is interested in an ethnically diverse cast of all ages and backgrounds.**





The charismatic leader of the Manhattan newsies, Jack is an oprhaned dreamer and artist who yearns to get out of the crowded streets of New York and make a better life for himself out West. Fiercely protective of his best friend, Crutchie, and strongly loyal, Jack isn’t afraid to use his voice to attain better conditions for the working kids of New York City. Though living on the streets has given him a tough-guy exterior, Jack has a big heart and can demonstrate a sweet vulnerability – especially when it comes to bantering with a certain female reporter. Must have a great pop tenor voice and sense of physicality.

Gender: male

Age: 18 to 28

Vocal range top: A4

Vocal range bottom: Bb2



A dedicated newsie with a bum leg that’s painful, he helps sell more papes. Though he walks with the assistance of a crutch, Crutchie doesn’t let it define him; when in a jam, Jack Kelly’s best friend relies on a goofy- sweet sense of humor and optimistic resilience. Crutchie is the heart of the resistance. Though his movement will suggest his bum leg, Crutchie should still be included in the dance numbers.

Gender: male or female

Age: 16 to 26

Vocal range top: A4

Vocal range bottom: C3



Les’s straight-laced, bright big brother starts selling newspapers to help his family earn a living, but becomes swept up in the fervor of the strike. A leader in his own right who is learning to use his voice to uplift others, Davey is the brains of the resistance.

Gender: male

Age: 18 to 28

Vocal range top: A4

Vocal range bottom: D3



Davey’s cheeky younger brother, Les is inspired by the freedom of the newsies and loves their independent lifestyle. A precocious and natural newsie, Les is an intuitive salesboy and a pint-sized charmer. He should present as younger than the other newsies.

Gender: male

Age: 10 to 15

Vocal range top: Bb3

Vocal range bottom: Db3



An ambitious young reporter, she works hard to make a name for herself as a legitimate journalist in a time when women aren’t taken seriously. Quick, funny, and resourceful, she boldly captures the voice of a new generation rising in her coverage of the newsies’ strike. While she generally has no time for cocky, streetwise young men, she makes an exception for Jack Kelly. Though she only has a brief dance solo in “King of New York,” Katherine should have a great contemporary pop voice with a high belt – diction is key.

Gender: female

Age: 18 to 28

Vocal range top: F5

Vocal range bottom: A3



A pompous businessman through and through, owns the World and is concerned solely with the bottom line. Katherine’s no-nonsense father, Pulitzer doesn’t sympathize with the strikers, but he does eventually – and grudgingly – respect Jack.

Gender: male

Age: 35 to 55

Vocal range top: F4

Vocal range bottom: C3



Including Albert, Buttons, Elmer, Finch, Henry, Ike, Jo Jo, Mike, Mush, Race, Romeo, Specs, Splasher, and Tommy Boy, are some of the hard-working kids of New York City that go on strike for a livable wage.

Gender: male or female

Age: 13 to 28



Inspired by vaudeville performer Aida Overton Walker, this big-voiced saloon singer and star of the Bowery offers her theater as a safe haven for the newsies. An astute entertainer with great comic delivery, she’s a good friend to Jack and stands firmly behind the newsies in their fight for justice.

Gender: female

Age: 30 to 55

Vocal range top: E5

Vocal range bottom: F3



Three newsies who are hesitant to join the strike.

Gender: male or female

Age: 13 to 23



The proud leader of the Brooklyn newsies, boasts an intimidating reputation and a short singing solo in “Brooklyn’s Here.”

Gender: male or female

Age: 17 to 27



The upper-class kid of a publisher who sides with the newsies. Can double as a newsie.

Gender: male or female

Age: 15 to 20



The son of William Randolph Hearst who joins the newsies' cause. Can double as a newsie.

Gender: male

Age: 15 to 25



Or “Weasel,” runs the distribution window for the World and knows most of the newsies by name. Assisted by the intimidating Delancey brothers, who keep order by any means necessary, Wiesel is Pulitzer’s disgruntled paper- pusher.

Gender: male

Age: 30 to 50



Tough brothers who work at the distribution window for the World, take the side of the publishers in the strike and are known to use their fists to make a point.

Gender: male

Age: 18 to 28



Editor, advises Pulitzer, but ultimately admires the kids’ newspaper.

Gender: male or female



Pulitzer’s bookkeeper, comes up with the ideas to raise the newsies’ price per paper.

Gender: male or female

Age: 35 to 55



Pulitzer’s practical and insightful secretary.

Gender: female

Age: 20 to 40



Ensemble will plays Newsies, as well as the Bowery Beauties, Nuns, Mr. Jacobi, Guard, Policeman, Nunzio, Snyder, Mayor, Roosevelt and others

Gender: male and female

Age: 13 to 65



We are looking to cast additional offstage singers: Consisting of basses, baritones, tenors, and alto/contraltos that can sing in a tenor range.


Auditions are by appointment only! Please call the box office at 225.924.6496 to schedule your time today.




The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Director: Lily McGill

Music Director: Michael Hull

Choreographer: Natalie Baily Smith

Stage Manager: Megan Collins


Vocal Auditions: Saturday December 1st, beginning at 10am.
Callbacks: Sunday December 2nd, 2-5pm *There is no dance call*


All auditioners must be at least 16 years old by the beginning of rehearsal.*


Please prepare a  16-32 bar cut (preferably closer to 32) of a Broadway style song. Please bring clearly marked sheet music in a binder for the accompanist--no a cappella auditions.


Rehearsals will begin January 20, 2019.
Performances dates are March 8-24, 2018.


Scripts are available for rent at the box office – there is a $20 (cash only) refundable deposit required.


Cast Needs

**TBR is interested in an ethnically diverse cast of all ages and backgrounds.**


*Please note that there is a possibility that we will not double actors in the same manner as the original production.


Chip Tolentino (Tenor): Athletic, social boy scout and champion of the 24th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.


Logainne Schwartzandgrubenniere (Mezzo Soprano): The youngest and most politically aware speller; always trying to make her two fathers proud. Speaks with a lisp.


Leaf Coneybear (Tenor): A homeschooled boy from a family of hippies; spells words correctly while in a trance.


William Barfee (Tenor): A finalist from last year with a touchy, neurotic personality; uses his Magic Foot to spell words correctly.


Marcy Park (Mezzo Soprano): A parochial school student who is proficient at piano, dance, martial arts, baton twirling, and, of course, spelling.


Olive Ostrovsky (Mezzo Soprano): A young, shy newcomer to the spelling bee with absentee parents.


Rona Lisa Peretti (Mezzo Soprano): The number one realtor in Putnam County and a former Putnam County Spelling Champion; moderator of the bee.


Vice Principal Douglas Panch: A down-on-his-luck vice principal returning after a five year hiatus; infatuated with Rona Lisa Peretti.


Mitch Mahoney (Tenor): The official comfort counselor of the spelling bee and an ex-convict. May be played by a male or female. *Please note that we are especially interested in collaborating with an actor of color in this role*


Carl Grubenierre (usually played by actor playing Leaf): Logainne’s main trainer; quite intense and competitive.


Dan Schwarz (usually played by actor playing Mitch): Logainne’s more laid back father.


Leaf’s Mom, Dad, and Siblings (usually played by spellers and audience volunteers): All more academically gifted than Leaf; a family of hippies.


Olive’s Mom (usually played by actor playing Rona): A fantasy version of Olive’s Mom in an Indian ashram.


Olive’s Dad (usually played by actor playing Mitch): A fantasy version of Olive’s Dad coming to the bee from work.


Jesus Christ (usually played by actor playing Chip): Son of God



Auditions are by appointment only. Please call 225.924.6496 to sign up today.



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