We have some fantastic raffle items to go with this production of Vintage Hitchcock!

How to get your Raffle tickets:

Raffle tickets are $10 each, and you can choose which item (or items) you want to be entered to win.

To purchase your Hitchcock Raffle tickets, click on one of the potential prizes below.

The Hitchcock Bundle

Purchase the chance to win a bundle containing some spooky items that any HItchock fan would love. This bundle contains two framed "posters" of the United States Postal Service's Legends of Hollywood series printed in 1998. One a portrait of the master of horror himself and the other a portrait of the handsome leading man Cary Grant in the iconic image of the plane chase in "North by Northwest."

It also contains a hand decorated speaker made by local artist The Screaming Goat. This Blue tooth speaker that doubles as a double walled thermos/decanter with lights that cycle through different colors to match the music playing is sure to be a delight at any function where a portable speaker is used!

Rocky Horror Bundle

We know that fans of Rocky Horror will be quivering with antici...........pation to be the winner of this Rocky Horror Bundle. The purchaser of this raffle ticket purchases the chance to win a glitter framed poster of the iconic Janet, Dr. Scott, Rocky, Brad moment as well as a hand decorated glitter tumbler created by The Screaming Goat. This tumbler - with the classic Rocky Horror lips and the Rocky Horror motto for life "Don't Dream It - Be It" is a must for anyone who loves Rocky Horror.

Frugal Femme Carole Cooked Dinner

Purchase the chance to win a Frugal Femme Carole cooked dinner!

Enjoy the comfort of a home cooked meal without the effort of having to cook it yourself. The Frugal Femme Carole will a prepare a meal of your choice, from a menu inspired by Hitchcock films, agreed upon by you both. The meal can be cooked in your house, with Frugal Femme Carole in full vintage regalia cooking in your kitchen and serving you dinner (yes, this includes clean-up) or she can deliver an already cooked meal to your house. (Just let her know your preference.)

The date of the dinner must be agreed upon by the recipient and Frugal Femme Carole at least two weeks in advance. This offer does not exclude holiday meals, but some additional time and expense may be needed if you request a home cooked holiday feast.

Disclaimer: The Frugal Femme Carole is deathly allergic to sea food and mushrooms and cannot, unfortunately, prepare any dishes containing those ingredients.

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